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Mentoring with
Dennis Merritt Jones

I am a published author and have been working with Dennis within a mentoring role since early 2018. I reached out to him to help me develop my author platform, having been a long-time admirer of his writing and teachings. Working with Dennis has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience since I have experienced real growth as a person and author, to take my message to the world. His mentoring style is gentle, subtle, yet persuasive. He does not give you answers to your problems but lovingly guides you to awaken your inner power. As a result, my writing has grown to attract a wider audience, and receive encouraging praise via the comments left. I am truly grateful for the love, wisdom and guidance Dennis imparts and highly recommend him as a mentor irrespective of your goals in life.
~ Tony Fahkry author of Awaken Your Authentic Self


“It has been a privilege to experience Dennis’ 12-week mentoring program! I started the process thinking that Dennis was going to help me find new direction in my business life. He did, but he also quickly helped me to realize that what I was really seeking wasn’t a new career, but a deeper sense of abundance, peace and freedom right where I am. With this breakthrough, we set to work systematically creating a new vision (and practical implementation plan) for my business – reimagining it as a channel for adventure, opportunity and genuine service. Consistent with my needs, Dennis was great about keeping the work fun, spiritually grounded, and focused on measurable outcomes. He has a special knack for balancing the demands of personal growth with heart-felt encouragement. I am truly excited about what we accomplished together!”
~ Roger D.

I just wanted to thank you again so very much for the opportunity to work with you; the wealth and depth of information and the generosity of your time are greatly appreciated. I am grateful for your flexibility in working on a custom program just for me; you definitely met me where I was and honestly exceeded my expectations! I have never have had a mentor before and it was exactly what I needed when I needed it! When the student is ready, the teacher appears! Consistently each week, you provided a wealth of wisdom and support through your kind and generous nature. I feel inspired, empowered and uplifted and have many new tools with which to navigate Life in peace and grace. I am in a much better, more grounded and centered space than just 3 short months ago when I called you that Saturday afternoon; I never expected that you would answer with a “YES”…a Divine and Redefining moment in my life for sure.

Thank you for your support and guidance on the job and life issues as well. I know I made the right decision for now and feel peaceful and confident - something I had not felt in a very long time now! I will really miss our Saturday morning mentoring sessions!
With profound Gratitude,
~ Vikki Taylor

"Working with Dennis was the best decision I have made in taking my coaching business to the next level. He is like the ultimate master surgeon. He is precise in his mentoring taking the utmost care in guiding you to your best outcome. He is able to dissect what seems to be insurmountable obstacles and breaks them down in a way that is easy to understand and implement the solutions. He is compassionate and giving in his time and expertise as he walks with you on your journey. I am so grateful to know Dennis and work with him to achieve my goals and following my calling as I am already on my way. Thank you!"
~ Anthony J. Diaz

"Dennis Merritt Jones was kind enough to take me on as a client during a particularly volatile time in my career. The financial investment I made in myself personally and my career is the best money I've spend on myself in a long, long time. I have to say that the 12 weeks in which we worked together I felt more challenged, yet more loved, than I've experienced with other coaches. Dennis will do what it takes to move you to the next level. The results of the counsel and direction I received from Dennis have already manifest in the way my career is taking off. If you are serious about making a quantum leap in your professional (and personal!) life, I highly recommend you select Dennis Merritt Jones!"
In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,
~ Terry Drew K.

"If you are looking to take the next step in your life, whether in a creative endeavor or in your personal spiritual growth, Dennis Merritt Jones would be an excellent guide for the journey. For me, as a first time author wanting to create the best first book I could, Dennis was the perfect balance of encouragement, leadership, wisdom and the occasional gentle kick in the pants, all in the perfect time. He was incredibly supportive, always fully present and just as dedicated to my success as I am. He gave of his wisdom and experience in so many different ways. Every area of my life is much richer from having worked with him. I am a total raving fan of Dennis Merritt Jones and I would strongly encourage you to investigate the possibility of working with him to grow yourself and your life."
~ Juliet Vorster
Speaker, teacher, and author of Igniting Success Beyond Beliefs

"Working with you has opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist for me to experience my life completely differently than I have been. I can already see a shift in my experience of living after working with you for just a few short weeks! I have a renewed excitement about life and looked forward to working on myself day-by-day as I watch the mystery unfold. Thanks for being a fantastic conduit to Truth!"
All the best,
~ Ronald O.

"With Dennis' dedication and spiritual instruction, I have literally been able to transform my life from one of fear, lack, and limitation to that of Love, trust and abundance. Most importantly, I have been able to experience his vision of a world of peace and prosperity with the changes I have experienced deep inside allowing me to a better person in this world."
~ Joe B.

"As a Spiritual Mentor, Dennis has been extremely effective in helping me transform my life to be as spiritually fulfilling as I always knew it could be. I am truly enjoying our work together and am very grateful that our paths crossed at this exciting time in my life."
~ Tom S.

"I encountered Dr. D. when Life's proverbial "fork on the road" seemed more like a labyrinth... He provided me with a modern-day twine and a lantern that helped me find my way to the Light at the other end. With the love of a parent, the kindness of a best friend, the tenderness of a confidant, the guidance of an angel and the insight of a prophet, he's been one of the best gifts that Life has offered me."
~ Chris C.

"As my spiritual mentor, Dennis Merritt Jones, guided me to a higher level of consciousness. This awareness allowed me to multiply my feelings of abundance in all areas of my life. I will be forever grateful!"
~ Judie M.

"Dennis Merritt Jones is a superb guide on the journey of Self discovery. He brings to the table deep spiritual understanding coupled with caring and compassion, as well as years of practical experience. He skillfully guides one down the pathway to their own becoming, ever cheering them onward. This kind of mentorship is priceless."
~ Sandy S.

"Little did I know just how deeply my journey would be touched through the words spoken and written by Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones. Now, and for the rest of my journey, I feel profound gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the countless ways his wisdom has helped illuminate my path."
~ Lee B.