What Others are Saying About

Seminars with Dennis Merritt Jones

"I was very much looking forward to this program, expecting to relax and enjoy nature, meditations and conversations on spirituality. And that certainly happened. What I didn't expect was that I would leave the retreat transformed and free of one of my stories - a negative internal dialog with its emotions and conclusions - that I woke up into daily for almost a year. Thank you all for making this forum available. I hope my sharing what happened for me prompts others to join you in future retreats."
~ Kathy B.

"This is the very first retreat I have ever done. This was a most memorable experience...It truly allowed me to think and breathe outside my "box". I have read many books on self awareness and this allowed me to participate in all that I have heard and read about. Dr Dennis speaks with such respect and his words come across with such passion and understanding that it brought tears to my eyes."
~ Maxine M.

"I thank you for inviting Ellen and me to the meditation retreat last weekend. It was a great chance to relax for a while and think about things from a different perspective. I've been going through a long process about discovering myself lately, and last weekend really helped crystallize it for me."
~ Dan S.

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful retreat! The space is magnificent, the exercises were revealing, the people fantastic, and the total experience was sacred, spiritual, relaxing and enlightening! It is just what I needed...... You provided me with just the spiritual food I needed to fill my "well" and travel further on the path..... I am grateful and I am grounded in that gratitude. I choose LIFE and recognize even more so, the eternality of it all. Thank you for the phenomenal gifts!"
~ Rev. Shelly D.

"I feel so much more conscious since I spent the day at the mindful retreat. I keep hearing the chime in my head to breath."
~ Dr. Dee D.

"Thanks so much for a beautiful day at the farm! Event was very smooth and wellorganized. Apparent that everyone put much effort into making it a nice experience for us: Diane's e-mails to Jack's music, to the snax and water, to Dennis' being there,right up front, transparent and connected, keeping us on target in the "now". No one missed a beat in the preparation and presentation of the day."
~ Trish F.

"Thank you very much for the amazing day you provided to me and the rest of the attendees on Saturday! It was extremely powerful and meaningful to me."
~ Gary S.

"Dennis gave me insights into a couple major themes I've been dealing with, showing how to consider them differently and be more free of them, and I'm so glad. Thank you for a wonderful retreat. I'll look forward to the next one."
~ Kathryn H.

"Thank you, was a great day, looking forward to the next one."
~ Pamela M.

"I just wanted to say that I will always remember Julia, with her "sacred dance", and the energy she moved that filled me to the brim with Loving Presence. And Jack's music was very soothing! Like Dennis said, they ought to "go on the road" with him! Thanks for a fulfilling day of presence!"
~ Lanene W.

"It was perfect!"
~ Beth P.

"Thank you both for a fabulous, insightful day, full of warmth, knowledge and insight. The seminar far exceeded my expectations and was wrapped in warmth and good will. Thank you Dennis for your well planned and presented workshop and thank you Diane for the communications and coordinating all the many details. You definitely delivered all that you promised in an enlightened and beautiful way. I loved the music and the dancing was supreme and added so much."
~ Nicki C.

"I so enjoyed my experience with everyone on Saturday. I especially loved the exercise with the orange, what a beautiful (and tasty) way to illustrate what one idea, acted upon, can bring forth. I also enjoyed the "peeling of the onion" exercise."
~ Linda T.

"Dennis, each time I join you at your Mindfulness Retreat, my spirit is lifted and my life is enriched. I drank from the well of your wisdom and ate from the tree of your Divine connection to the Creative Force of nature. I've never tasted an orange quite as wonderful as the oranges we ate together. I sat knee-to-knee with God and saw myself reflected in the eyes that looked back at me. I felt the touch of the Divine gently guiding me and mindfully keeping me safely on the path of the Soul. And on that path, I met Spirit and I met myself... I look forward to your next Mindfulness Retreat!"
~ Paulette J.

"This is the first time I had the opportunity to hear Dennis speak and it was a good experience. The "Remember to Remember" slogan resonates in my head! And, I believe I have had a shift in my outlook on "fear" and not being paralyzed to make changes. More will be revealed!"
~ Sharon R.

"Dennis and Diane, you created a very loving atmosphere that inspired me from the first minute of your workshop until the end. I left uplifted, refreshed, and "breathing." You are an expert facilitator Dennis, intuitive, insightful and on target. Thank you so much!"
~ Rev. Jymme T.