What Master Teachers Are Saying About

Your (Re)Defining Moments

Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

"Dennis Merritt Jones beautifully shows us how every moment provides each individual an opportunity to respond with love instead of react in fear, to choose consciously and constructively instead of unconsciously and destructively - in other words, to create authentic power."
~ Gary Zukav
Author, The Seat of the Soul

"In Your (Re)Defining Moments, Dennis Merritt Jones wisely guides his readers into a joyful exploration and discovery of their Original Self that was shot out of eternity into this three-dimensional world to deliver their gifts, talents, and skills as only they can."
~ Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author, Life Visioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential

"This noble work is filled with truths that can take your life to a new level. Dennis Merritt Jones brings a wealth of experience, insight, and vision to the table. His thoughtfulness and eloquence speak loud and clear."
~ Alan Cohen
Author, Relax into Wealth

"In Your (Re)Defining Moments, Dennis Merritt Jones offers a compass that leads us inward to the authentic Self, that unique spark of Life we were the moment we were born. Dennis reminds us that we still are that unique being and proves it by giving us clear, practical, loving guidance on how to courageously bring our authentic Self to daily life. When you read this book you will embark on the journey of becoming who you were born to be."
~ Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC
Author, New York Times-bestseller If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules

"Each of us has been created for the purpose of fitting into a divine mosaic that works in perfect harmony with everyone and everything else, and the next major expansion of consciousness on this planet will inevitably occur when we as individuals embrace our own nature and begin working with each other and the physical world with an attitude of cooperation and reverence. It is this truth that is so evidently present in Dennis' new book, Your (Re)Defining Moments."
~ Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon
Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living

"Here is a book for those who have read the books, done the workshops, but still sense their own epiphanies are simpler, deeper, closer. If personal identity as we have come to know it is a socially constructed wilderness, Dr. D. paves a direct path through the classic conundrums of consciousness-the sovereign Self of western civilization, the transcendent No-Self of mysticism and the east, and the pristine Now Moment that thrives only in our choice to honor its worth."
~ Dr. Barbara E. Fields
Author, Executive Director of the Association for Global New Thought, Director of Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence, Director of The Synthesis Dialogues with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"Your (Re)Defining Moments is a powerful antidote to aimless and hollow living. Dennis Merritt Jones has crystallized a path of awakening to free us from the trance states of limiting personal assumptions and inauthentic purposes. Reading this wonderful book is like a deep caress...a precious homecoming with the miracle and magic seeded in each of our souls."
~ Dr. Roger W. Teel
Spiritual Leader, Mile Hi Church, Denver, Colorado

"Dennis Merritt Jones' newest work, Your (Re)Defining Moments, makes the powerful distinction between personal discovery and personal 'uncovery.' Ours is not a journey forward but a vertical plunge inward to what has always existed. Liberating and gloriously written, Your (Re)Defining Moments is a treasured contribution to a welcomed renaissance in spiritual literature."
~ Dr. David Ault
Author, Where Regret Cannot Find Me

"Through personal anecdotes and probing questions to the reader, Your (Re)Defining Moments gives us access to an engaging self-study on the nature of being and how to live a thoughtful and authentic life. Dennis Merritt Jones' down-to-earth style and direct approach to spirituality makes reading this book enjoyable and soul-satisfying. Balanced with sincere kindness and a gentle sense of humor, this book takes on big ideas such as redefining original sin, re-examining the pursuit of happiness, and admitting we have to let go of some of the past, to make room for what can be. Dennis' latest book confirms why I have been a longtime fan of his writing: it's inspiring, thought provoking, and encouraging."
~ Edward Viljoen
Author, The Power of Meditation

"Your (Re)Defining Moments offers a most compelling and convincing opportunity for us all to remember who we have come here to be. In this book, Dennis Merritt Jones brings a gift of extraordinary insightfulness to everyone who seeks spiritual awakening."
~ Rev. Dr. John B. Waterhouse
President, Centers for Spiritual Living

"You could spend a lifetime searching for your authentic Self, and defining who you are. Or you could read Dennis Merritt Jones' beautiful new book Your (Re)Defining Moments and be gently fast-tracked through the process. Life begins with each moment, with each choice. This is an easy one."
~ Lissa Coffey
Celebrity lifestyle and wellness expert and author of What's Your Dharma: Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life's Purpose

"Dennis Merritt Jones' writing reminds me of a cashmere blanket-warm and comfortable without being too heavy. This book encourages the reader to rework their lives without being preachy or overly challenging. A perfect read before bed."
~ Rev. Kathianne Lewis, DD
Senior Minister & Spiritual Leader, Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle, Washington

"Your (Re)Defining Moments by Dennis Merritt Jones is a must read for everyone on the spiritual path. He is a true Spiritual Master who graciously shares his wisdom, allowing it to unfold in your own mind as gently as a rose opens to bloom. Dr. Jones has written a modern, 21st century guidebook for seekers of truth and students of spirituality. I predict this book will be used as curricula by many teachers."
~ Chris Michaels
Author, The Power of You

"Your (Re)Defining Moments...is an amazing book! Dennis Merritt Jones is masterful, guiding us to a deep state of soul remembrance. He reminds us that we were born to be fully expressed and that each moment is an opportunity to choose greatness."
~ Cynthia James
Author and speaker