What Master Teachers Are Saying About

The Art of Uncertainty

How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It

"With warmhearted clarity and transcendental common sense, Dennis Merritt Jones addresses the complexities, obstacles, joys, and ultimate fulfillment of walking the spiritual labyrinth home to the True Self. This is a book to read, reread, practice and embody."
~ Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author, Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

"The Art of Uncertainty inspires and provides practical tools that can benefit all."
~ Gary Zukav
Author, The Seat of the Soul

"Masters throughout the ages have taught us to come to the edge of our current belief system and take a leap of faith beyond the known. In The Art of Uncertainty, Dennis Merritt Jones not only offers us a clear road map to the edge–he makes the leap with us. If you are ready to expand your vision of a life worth living this is a book you will want to read."
~ Gay Hendricks
Author, The Big Leap

"We have lived a lifetime trying to avoid the discomfort of doubt by living in the stagnation of sameness - and feeling a certain deadness at our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical levels as a result. The Art of Uncertainty shows us the simple and exciting path out of our little-life box into our large-life box, where we can experience and love the richness of our ever-uncertain lives. 'When nothing is certain, everything is possible.' Dennis so beautifully leads us to new life possibilities in this delightful book. I wish I could have read it long ago!"
~ Tom Zender - President Emeritus of Unity
Author, God Goes to Work

"Dennis Merritt Jones' new book arrives with divinely right timing in my life and in the life of anyone contemplating next steps. How good it is to have this guide to leaning wholeheartedly into the mystery of change and walking in faith toward the full expression of one's potential."
~ Dr. Kathy Hearn
Community Spiritual Leader, United Centers for Spiritual Living

"The Art of Uncertainty is a masterful blend of tools and stories written to add and enhance everyone's journey to wakefulness. Dennis Merritt Jones skilfully applies a lifetime of experience in awakening himself and others in this essential book of self-actualization. His points to ponder and mindfulness practices provide productive actions to aid the reader in embodying many of life's deepest introspections."
~ Dr. Kenn Gordon
President, International Centers for Spiritual Living

"To live joyfully in the face of uncertainty is a lofty goal. Dennis Merritt Jones can help you reach it. If your current operating system is not giving you the life you want, The Art of Uncertainty can help you install a whole new platform for living well."
~ Laura B. Fortgang
Author, A Little Book on Meaning and The Prosperity Plan

"Dennis Merritt Jones gives us a warm and comfortable way to relax into our Spiritual Identity. He's a natural at teaching deep truths in an accessible way. He's one of the best!"
~ Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis
Author, xxxxxxx

"The right to fully live and express ourselves in freedom and peace calls for each of us to step into the full potential of who we are. With The Art of Uncertainty, Dennis Merritt Jones becomes a favorite 21st Century teacher, giving us the tools to face our security (and fear) and courageously embrace all we can become."
~ Rev. Temple Hayes
Author, How To Speak Unity and The Right To Be You

"Dennis Merritt Jones is a brilliant and gifted teacher. His newest work is not only insightful, but gives great tools for each of us to live a life of joy: No Matter What!"
~ Mary Morrissey
Author, No Less Than Greatness