What Master Teachers Are Saying About

The Art of Abundance

Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life

"Dennis Merritt Jones’ new book is an engaging exploration of energy, intention, and how to use them."
~ Gary Zukav
Author, The Seat of the Soul

"Through his wise, intuitive, and integral approach, Jones shows us how to move from a superficial relationship with abundance to a revolution in consciousness: embracing our inherent wholeness which organically leads to a prosperous life in all aspects of our being."
~ Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author, Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

YOU’VE FOUND IT! No more sifting through metaphysical fluff for a road map to a genuinely abundant life path. Just embrace and enact the ten foundational rules in The Art of Abundance, by Dennis Merritt Jones. You will unleash dynamic growth and prospering throughout your life. Yes, you’ve found it . . . For you ARE it!
~ Dr. Roger Teel
Author, Spiritual Teacher

"There’s no doubt that life is the greatest gift we will ever receive yet it comes without an owners manual. That is until now. The Art of Abundance is truly just that...An operating guide for how to live a whole life. It should be required reading for every high school graduate. I have been blessed with prosperity in my life, but if I had read and embraced this book as a young man my life today would be much more abundant."
~ John W. Lee
Founder and former CEO, Learning Curve International

"The Art of Abundance is universally grounded and rooted in great truth. I loved every page! This is a must-read for a new era of financial leadership."
~ Leanne Jacobs
Author, Beautiful Money

"Whether you are a fledgling exploring the pathway of abundance for the first time—or a master teaching the principles of abundance for the one-thousandth time—I strongly encourage you to share this book with as many people as you can. For the secret to a life worth living is found in our total emancipation from the fear of 'not enough' and Dennis Merritt Jones succeeds brilliantly in awakening us to this truth."
~ Dr. Kenn Gordon
Spiritual Leader - Centers for Spiritual Living

"Wealth is a science while prosperity is an art. Abundance is an awakening to the true nature of reality. Why are such distinctions important? Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones walks us through the bumpy terrain of self-limiting boundaries into the self- empowered garden of material and spiritual freedom. Spoiler alert: They are two sides of the same proverbial coin."
~ Dr. Barbara E. Fields
Executive Director, Association for Global New Thought

"Dennis Merritt Jones is one of the canniest and most pragmatic figures in modern metaphysics--in this to-the-point guide he combines mystic idealism with workaday insights to help you think epically about the kind of life you want."
~ Mitch Horowitz
PEN Award-winning author of One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life

"In his latest work, The Art of Abundance, Dennis Merritt Jones brings his decades of experience in all aspects of spirituality, personal development and academia to bear on this readable and necessary book. I appreciate the subtle dichotomy in the title and subtitle. Dennis invites us to explore ‘art’ through the lens of “rules” and does it with the skill of a seasoned writer and the heart of a beloved minister. I especially appreciate the poetic and profound sections within each chapter and the focus of the ‘Power Points to Personalize.’ Thank you, Dennis, for allowing us to continue on this journey with you.”
~ David S. Goldberg
Ph.D., Publisher & Editor Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind Magazine

"Picking up where most other prosperity books leave off, author and spiritual teacher, Dennis Merritt Jones offers us a deeper dive into understanding the principles and practices for creating a life truly worth living. With a skillful mix of mysticism and down-to-earth practicality, “The Art of Abundance” is as much an exploration of consciousness as it is a primer on the subject of prosperity.”
~ Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell
CEO and senior minister at The Unity Center

"Dennis Merritt Jones is the perfect guide to true abundant living. Wise, practical, and helpful, The Art of Abundance will help you on your journey to prosperity!"
~ Joel Fotinos
Author, The Think and Grow Rich Workbook

"When resistance becomes habit, the pipeline through which abundance flows becomes clogged.” Dennis Merritt Jones’ eloquent explanation of how we as humans can move beyond the habit of resistance and into a habit of abundance is expressed with ease and flow in The Art of Abundance. This is more than just a guide book; it is truly a work of art, laying out clear principles that can benefit anyone willing to look inside. A ‘simple roadmap’ to reaching and understanding the source within. Thank You Dennis!"
~ Ali Saberi,

"Dennis Merritt Jones has not written another get rich quick book. Instead, he has created a handbook for a life worth living, a mindfulness guide. With exercises to delve into, power points to personalize, parables, and beautiful writing, The Art of Abundance is one of those books I can imagine enjoying, again and again, finding gems with each re-reading."
~ Edward Viljoen
Author, Ordinary Goodness and The Power of Meditation

"To be spiritually awake, to thrive, prosper, and abundantly express our innate potential is a fundamental yearning within us all. Dennis Merritt Jones’ Art of Abundance meets that yearning directly with ten profound and practical ways to live fully and well, all the while contributing to a meaningful, abundant life for others. If you are ready to turn your life around and set it on a prospering trajectory, you will find a wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and step-by-step guidance for making real change in this timely book."
~ Ellen Grace O’Brian
Author, The Jewel of Abundance: Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, and spiritual director of Center for Spiritual Enlightenment.

"The Art of Abundance clearly defines for each reader how abundance is an art and through further understanding and integration one is able to transcend to a new and transformed deeper way of living. Dennis Merritt Jones has taken limitations which are promoted as natural and created a new paradigm of innate prosperity."
~ Temple Hayes
Author, Spiritual Leader and Difference Maker

"A prosperous life sounds like a dream to many. In The Art of Abundance Dennis Merritt Jones explains how Universal principles actually support our potential for abundance. So prosperity becomes not only a possibility, but an inevitability. With ten principles and practices he shows us exactly how to make our dream a reality."
~ Lissa Coffey
Author, Song Divine: A New Lyrical Rendition of the Bhagavad Gita

"Dennis Merritt Jones has written a book for everyone interested in practical spirituality. This book not only reminds us of our spiritual essence, it tells us why that knowledge is important to the inner experience of wealth. I’ve found that people who feel wealthy on the inside live a happy prosperous life."
~ Dr. Kathianne Lewis
Spiritual Director, Seattle CSL

"Dennis Merritt Jones has done it again! He has turned living into an art form. If you desire to live a life of freedom to make your dreams come true, The Art of Abundance clearly delineates the rules of how to naturally live in the affluent flow of abundance to create your reality."
~ Dr. Christian Sorensen
Author, Living from the Mountain Top

"Dennis Merritt Jones has created a step by step approach and explanation of how to live an abundant life. His ability to identify the problem and the solution in each chapter is masterful."
~ Cynthia James
Author, I Choose Me: The Art of Being A Phenomenally Successful Woman at home and at work

"Living in the 21st century world, with a growing disparity between the haves and have-nots, it is vitally important to understand the truth about wealth and prosperity. The Art of Abundance by Dennis Merritt Jones creates a practical guideline that will guarantee you a life of unlimited possibility. Buy this book and take notes. Practice the principles outlined in it and you will find yourself living a life of true abundance."
~ Dr Chris Michaels
Author, The Power of You

"Dennis Merritt Jones is a phenomenal teacher who has that rare gift of making the higher laws of consciousness accessible and easy to use. In this book you will learn practical tools that will help you free yourself from lack and limitation, enabling you to become the admired, master artist of abundance you are destined to be! Follow Dennis’ ten rules of abundance and you cannot lose!"
~ Mark Anthony Lord
Author, Thou Shall Not Suffer - 7 Steps to a Life of Joy

"The Art of Abundance: Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life, is a book to be savored. Each chapter is rich with wisdom and practices to help the reader to embody that wisdom. Dennis Merritt Jones weaves a rich tapestry of possibility and practicality, writing with clarity and passion. Prosperity is a feeling, a sense of self, that one can cultivate independent of any external measurements. This wonderful book leads you on an inner journey to that realization. But take it slowly, savor each chapter, do the practices, and reap great rewards."
~ Jim Lockard
Author of Creating the Beloved Community: A Handbook for Spiritual Leadership

"The Art of Abundance brings together the wisdom of the ages and distills and purifies it in such a way that it goes right to the core and cause: personal inner freedom. The practical wisdom in his writings makes it all possible and applicable by the simple idea of FIVE! Each chapter beautifully lays out premises, problems, principles, practices and payoffs. Then deliciously topping it all off with Power Points to Personalize. Anyone can dig into this abundant feast of a book."
~ Rev. Frankie Timmers

"The Art of Abundance – Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life, by Dennis Merritt Jones is more than just another prosperity book: it is a deep dive into the real possibility of abundant living that is truly available to anyone. The third in Jones’ “Art” series, The Art of Abundance is an in-depth, practical and inspiring roadmap to experiencing “a life worth living, a life filled with purpose and meaning – a life of fulfillment and wholeness.” Jones’ clear, encouraging voice shines through every page, and it becomes increasingly clear that he did not just write this guidebook, he first lived it. My husband and I read this book together, and as we applied the practical Ten Rules to our own life conditions, have demonstrated amazing results, often with remarkable ease. The Art of Abundance is not just a weekend read, it a master class in cultivating the art of pure abundance."
~ Rev. Mary Beth Speer
New Though Minister, Teacher and Mentor

"The Art of Abundance - Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life is a refreshing and enlightening look at how we can demonstrate greater abundance in our lives while living a life with purpose. Each chapter not only explores an important principle of prosperity but also provides practical techniques and exercises of how to integrate those principles into our lives. It helped expand my own beliefs about abundance and resulted in amazing demonstrations that have already changed my life. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to experience those kinds of results in their own life and to use as an empowering and practical textbook to teach others."
~ Michael Craig Speer
New Thought Minister, Speaker and Entrepreneur

"The Art of Abundance is an exceptional study guide. If one takes the "Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life" and changes the word prosperity or abundance to relationships, health, or creative expression, this book is a guideline to having a life worth living. When we master money, we can then use those same rules to master the other three areas of life, and the circle is complete for money, relationships, health, and creative expression. The concepts are easily adapted. This would make a terrific 10-week class."
~ Dr. Maureen Hoyt