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Encouraging Words

Articles and Essays That Prove Who You Are Matters

"Who among us doesn't need some encouragement from time to time. Whether it’s figuring out how to navigate our personal life with greater joy and ease or learning how to see beyond the global challenges we face today to the new world trying to emerge, "Encouraging Words," gives us the spiritual insight we need to find our way."
~ Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell, The Unity Center
Spiritual leader, Author and Speaker

"Again, Dennis Merritt Jones brings us inspiration for life's journey through his beautiful and engaging stories. These essays encourage us to embrace our imperfect selves without giving up on the greater yet to be of what is possible for each of us, and importantly, the book reminds us that we matter."
~ Edward Viljoen
Author, Ordinary Goodness: The Surprisingly Effortless Path to Creating a Life of Meaning and Beauty

"Encouraging Words demonstrates Dennis Merritt Jones' uncanny ability to use words and ideas as clarion symbols that touch the very foundation of the individual and awakens them to their authentic self. It is a must read for everyone who ponders their purpose and questions their ability to make a difference."
~ Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon
Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living

"In his book, Encouraging Words, Dennis Merritt Jones creates a woven fabric of storytelling which wakes up what is lying dormant within us—the depth of our hearts we are all longing to reach."
~ Temple Hayes
Spiritual Leader, Author, Difference Maker

"Encouraging Words is more than just a life-preserver of hope for a drowning world. It is a book of wisdom and guidance, written by one of the world's most heartfelt spiritual leaders, Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones. Keep this book at your bedside. Read an excerpt each morning or night. It will uplift and inspire you to greatness."
~ Dr. Chris Michaels
Author, The Power of You: How to Live Your Authentic, Exciting, Joy-Filled Life Now!

"In Encouraging Words . . . Dennis Merritt Jones brings wisdom, clarity, and possibility into the lives of anyone who cares to read this thoughtful collection. He shows that even a modest shift in perspective can change one's life for the better."
~ Jim Lockard
Author, Creating the Beloved Community

"In this inspiring collection, Dennis reminds us that, "…there lies within each of us an explorer who yearns for higher ground." One might think of these essays as a road map that doesn’t merely promise a glorious destination, but actually leads us there one page at a time. That the terrain is alternately ragged and serene only fortifies the realistic value of the journey which (spoiler alert!) ultimately leads where it begins — within the sacred heart of each of us."
~ Dr. Barbara E. Fields
Executive Director, Association for Global New Thought