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And In the End...

"And in the end the love you take
is equal to the love you make"

~ John Lennon & Paul McCartney

It is said "The End" was the last song the Beatles recorded together as a group--and the last song Lennon and McCartney ever coauthored as a writing team. The "group," the Beatles, technically died when they finished this song but their music lives on in you and me. I believe that is because they loved what they did. They brought the best of themselves together to co-create something none of them could have created alone. However, they also knew when it was time to go their separate ways because their co-creative energy was spent; they knew they were not giving the group, the Beatles, the "best" of themselves any longer.

Because they loved what they created when they were together they held nothing back and I think that is the message of this song: Love what you do; love what you make of your life--hold nothing back--and it will love you in return.

The question worth pondering today is, in the "end," when you leave this planet, will there be a surplus or a deficit of love left in the wake of what you made of your life? Love who you are and love what you do with who you are and the answer to that question will be self-evident. "All you need is love" isn't just another Beatles song title; it's the calling of a lifetime.

Peace, Dennis

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