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Holding On Isn't Always a Sign of Strength

"The decision to let go of that which has completed its course in your experience is even more important than the decision to welcome new ideas. You cannot walk forward by looking backward...You intuitively know what should depart from your life."

~ Raymond Charles Barker

I can relate to the quote above by Raymond Charles Barker. Do you? I used to have a black belt in "grasping" or holding onto thoughts, feelings, memories, and people who didn't serve my sense of wholeness and well-being. In my heart, I knew I should let them go, but in my head, it was a different story; my ego wore those memories like a badge of honor--believing that by holding on I was somehow proving I was bigger, better, and stronger than they were.

There is considerable wisdom in knowing what, when and sometimes, who, to let go. With understanding comes power; with courage comes release and with surrender comes inner peace. Barker was right; we each intuitively know what should depart from our life. But, where do we begin when our grasping seems to have a mind of its own? "Be still and know" isn't just an empty platitude; it's the mark of a wise person. Find time today to breathe, be still, listen to your heart, and you will know that which has completed its course in your experience. Sometimes letting go isn't a sign of weakness but great strength.

Peace, Dennis

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