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The Art of Being

101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life

In a world filled with distractions (or at least potential distractions), author Dennis Jones has assembled 101 peaceful reflections that he uses to help us focus on just being. This delightful book just oozes with a sense of peace and encouragement to be reflective about all that we have been blessed with.

I especially liked the way each vignette was punctuated with a couple of practices for integrating the message of the vignette into our lives.

For me, this is a book to be absorb one vignette at a time and really reflect on Jones' wisdom. Doing so, as I have been doing over recent weeks, creates a book with the potential to really make a difference in one's life.
~ Dave C. Review

This is a wonderful book, pure and simple! I had the distinct pleasure of studying its text in a small group format that, for me, enhanced the message of striving to master the art of mindfulness! As Gary Zukav writes in his endorsement on the cover of this lovely book, acquiring the "art" of mindfullness requires a great deal of practice. Dr Dennis' book provides oodles of wonderful mindful practices that help to discipline and shape our unconscious thinking into conscious thought that is ready, willing and able to bring into manifestation all of our heart's desires. From this terrific little book, I learned that my life's purpose is always manifesting, because Life is always manifesting purpose. Purpose is dynamic, not static. It comes from mindful practices intentionally set in motion, moment by moment, day by day. (Easy to write, hard to do, but oh so worth it----just like this book!) Thank you, Dr Dennis Merritt Jones.
~ B. Slenker Review

I have been a fan of Dennis Merritt Jones for many years and I have found this book to be inspiring and offers people practical ways in which to redirect their thinking. As a universal community we can all use Mr. Jones teachings as a guide in which to look at things in a "different", more helpful light without feeling like the task is impossible. One is given the tools in which to open their minds and hearts with his mindfulness practices without feeling overwhelmed. Fantastic for people who are "searching" as well as others who have already "found".
~ C.O. Review

This book is one of the best I have read on the topic of Purpose, Life's Meaning, Mindfullness, etc. It is written in a gentle manner without being too mushy or sacchrine. I highly recommnd this book to anyone who is ready to do the work that will help lead to self-awareness. Your efforts will be well rewarded. Peace and Blessings to you.
~ Cat Review

The Art of Being is a practical guide to meaningful spiritual practices that help us recognize the divinity that has always existed within each of our beings. Dr. Jones provides "Mindfulness" practices in the back of each chapter that help bring this recognition into our consciousness. My wife, daughter and I are now reading it together for the third time. Each time we read a chapter, we find something new and inspiring. I highly recommend it, it can be life transforming.
~ Stuart A. Review

I have never before been motivated to post a review on Amazon. However, as the facilitator of a series of 6 week book studies on the topic of spirituality, with The Art of Being having been our latest study, I felt motivated to write due to the overwhelming and unified positive response of participants. Previous to this study, we engaged in a 6 week discussion of Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth. Since The Art of Being is a collection of essays centered around the topic of being present and living on purpose, it seemed like a natural next title, for Jones's book takes the principles identified so well by Tolle, and applies them, through essays followed by mindfulness practices, to real life. With the language given to us from A New Earth, we joyfully were able to use the essays in The Art of Being to springboard into marvelously rich discussions concerning relevant applications to every day life. The Art of Being allowed A New Earth to come alive for this group. It took principles of being and turned them into practice, and turned our group from being a class, to being a "sangha" (As Jones describes), or a spiritual community. It is a book whose value grew with each visit. In the words of one of the participants, comparing our last two studies, "Reading A New Earth was like enjoying a fine meal. Reading The Art of Being was like finishing with a delectable dessert."
~ Jude S. Review

Seldom have I been so excited about sharing a book with you. For so many reasons!

First, the subject matter totally enthralls me. I have been a Metaphysical `seeker' for 25 years now, & I still get so jazzed when I read material that hits the mark and nails the message. This one does that for me.

Secondly, the 101 chapters are concise little vignettes or tomes of wisdom, each less than 2 pages long. (Think James Patterson here). Which, to today's busy reader, means that you can grab a chapter at any convenient moment and meditate on that message throughout your day. That is exactly how I have enjoyed the book this week. Normally, I attempt to sit & complete a book for review in one fell swoop. However, reading Dr. Jones' book was like having dessert at all hours of the day. So of course I wanted to stretch out that experience.
~ Sande A.

I've read The Art of Being at least 5 times and also reference the book and its author in my book, Repackaged Common Sense: A New Age Path to Career and Business Sucess This book is definitely a must have as it provides spiritual pick-me-ups, reminders and just an overall good feeling and understanding of knowing that the Spirit and You are the same, hence you have immense power in transforming your life!
~ Herndon D. Review

I read this wonderfully, inspiring book every day! I simply flip open to any page and allow all the wisdom from the pages to envelope me in PURE, Peaceful Energy!! I was given the miracle of listening to Dennis in person at one of his many lectures and the same Energy comes through in his written word. This book will change your life forever when you practice with Intention and Embrace this spiritual guide to feeling God's Presence within and understanding your Truth which summons Peace, Hope, Wisdom and Love!
~ Judie M. Review

This is quite a nice collection in one book. It is well written and has applicable items for anyone working on their spiritual development. I have been reading a chapter a day, reflecting on it, and putting the ideas into practice as best I can. I am looking for other works by the author at this time...
~ Kenpo-Jujitsu Teacher Review

Everything Dennis Merritt Jones writes is applicable to life, and ALWAYS uplifts me and improves mine. I initially read Dennis' articles in The Acorn Newspaper, then was hooked...moved on to his books and lectures. The wonderful part of his writings is that he uplifts and assists everyone with every belief, and from every walk of life.
~ Stephanie G. Review

I purchased this book after hearing Dr. Merritt Jones speak at the Center for Spiritual Living in San Diego and I cannot adequately describe how beautifully written his book is. I literally have to stop myself from going through it in one sitting because I am relishing each story so much that I want it to last forever. I have read many books on spirituality and purposeful living and I have enjoyed most of them. But..... this book is very special. The way Dr. Merritt writes each gem of a story just wraps the reader around the ideas he want to express so effortlessly. I am so grateful that he gave of his time so generously to our congregation and by so doing enabled me to find such a wonderful and powerful resource.
~ Maria E. Review

This book is a fantastic resource for those who want a short meditation each day followed by action steps to take. I am enjoying the meditations immensely!
~ Sarah A. Review

I have not heard one word out of Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones that is not only brilliant, but very relevant to living a life today on purpose. This book is a must read if you want to get more out of your existence each and every day!
~ Lynn Review

This book is a wonderful mixture of wisdom stories, common sense, and very practical spiritual teachings/exercises. I work with college age students and I have found a number of things in this book that I can adapt to use with a diverse population - spiritually as well as culturally. The author was ever gracious enough to allow me to adapt one of his stories to use when talking about academic dishonesty. The fact that Dr. Jones responded to me in a very short period of time and is allowing me to adapt one of his stories speaks volumes as to the true goal he had in writing this book. Helping people achieve their highest potential and to be truly happy in life. I believe that anyone, from any religion (or non-religion) or culture can get something very beneficial from this book. I understand from Dr. Jones that there is a a six-week study guide for the book and it is available for free download at his website. [...]. This would be an excellent way to incorporate this book into your book club, or a great way to start a club in your church or work place.
~ Michael B. Review

An excellent and practical book. An easy to read guide on living in the present. A must for anyone who wishes to improve their life and live a more spiritually. The easiest reading book I ever read on this subject.
~ C.B. Review

To receive an up fit each day this book is very helpful. You can feel the up life of each page.
~ Samy Review